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Karen's Secret,   "Secrets were piling up everywhere Karen turned.  Could she handle another secret?"

Sara's Adventures,   "He was in her life growing up and when she married and even when they moved out of state for Ken's career, but was God tired of carrying Sara or did He even listen anymore?"

Tit-forTat,   "In each scenario, electrical current flows freely.  How will they respond?  Will maturity and growth be given a chance?"

The Cottage,   "Through protective friends, incredible circumstances, God, and the bond or true friendship, would paths cross once again?  And if so, where would they lead?"

Who's Who,   "And when their finger's touched she decided right there and then to lasso her man.  She made a deal with Doug to train her seven year old Arabian.  Biding time for him to get use to her."

Dare Say,   "His gray eyes were so piercing.  She went weak, and her stomach rolled.  Shakily and slowly, she reached for the water glass and lowly breathed, "Dare Say," 

Diary of Disbelief,  "Joel opted for a much-needed leave of absence from work and landed at the plantation house in Mississippi, a place he would begin to unravel exactly who he was."

Her Kind Of Businessman,  "In the quiet of the night, three victims, Luke Benson, Joann Steeples, and Charles Berkley Franklin face life in different ways, -dishonesty of a woman, distrust from a man, and distorted happenings in life from people, employment, and love.  They each reached a placed in life and questioned,-could there possibly be a second chance in life?" 


My Thoughts On The Lord's Prayer,  "How refreshing of an era in time we, Christians have the assurance and can pray and have complete defeat over the Devil.  An know without a doubt that God is alive and in total control as He has from the beginning, the present, and He is coming again."  

Thoughts On Loss And Comfort,  "Loss can be lonely not knowing how to move on and can lead to devastation, or just be, plain- painful, and one needs to go through the grief process. And loss can be very costly. In the end ones hopes that the result of loss leads to less pain and in its place a peace and joy will be ones’ outcome. Though the pages of, Thoughts on Loss and Comfort, It’s a desire that one may grow stronger, and richer in life, and be blessed in reading. And may ones’ faith carry through at such a time."

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