Author, Susan Kay Box Brunner 


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08-03-2018  Bethel Luthern Church/Susan Speaking/Book Signing/sale

Location:  4501 Hoover Road Grove City 43123

Time:  Friday, 11:30A.M.- 1:30P.M.

08-11-2018  Mid-Ohio Book Expo/ Susan Book Signing/Sale  

Location:  Vaughon WMCA, 3500 1st. Ave. Grove City 43123

Time:  Saturday, 3:00-7:00P.M.    

​ September  

09-15-2018  Arts In The Alley/Susan Book Signing/Sale  

Location:  Historic Town Center, Grove City, 43123

Time:  Saturday 11:00A.M.-8:00P.M.  

09-29-2018  Harvest Market/ Susan Book Signing/Sale

Location:  Broadway(Between Grant & Park), Grove City, 43123  

Time:  8:00A.M.-12:00P.M.  


10-20-2018 Comfirming Book Signing/Sale

Location:  Grove City, Ohio 43123

Time:  To Be Determined


​11-03-2018  Holiday Craft Bazaar/Susan Book Signing/Sale

Location:  Evans Center, 4330 Dudley Ave. Grove City, 43123

Time:  9A.M.-3:00P.M.   


​12-01-2018 Winter Craft Bazaar/Susan Book Signing/Sale

Location:  CannanLand Church, 2777 Gantz Rd. Grove City, 43123

Time:  8:00A.M.-1:00P.M.

12-01-2018 Mistletoe Market/Susan Book Signing/Sale

Location:  Historic Town Center, Grove City, 43123

Time:  2:00-8:00P.M.